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Short Term Income Protection Insurance

Short Term Income Protection is designed to help pay your financial commitments up to 12 months per claim in the event of Accident, Sickness and Involuntary Unemployment.

Short Term Income FAQs

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We are proud to announce a change of Insurer is now in progress, whereby all Paymentcare policies will soon be Underwritten by AmTrust Europe Limited.

Until then Income Protection for Property Owners is available if you have (or have had a mortgage on your main residence).

  • Cover Level
  • Excess period
  • Date of Birth
  • Monthly Salary  £
  • Benefit Required  £

IMPORTANT !! Please check that you are eligible for this policy. You should ensure that you are happy that the product is suitable for your needs.

Quick Summary


  • Who is the insurer?

    The insurer of this Short Term Income Protection policy is AmTrust Europe Limited (AEL)

  • What is Paymentcare Short Term Income Protector?

    Depending upon the type and level of cover you have chosen, this policy can cover you for up to 12 months per claim, if you become unable to work as a result of Accident and Sickness or unemployment.

  • What are the features and benefits of Paymentcare Short Term Income Protector?

    You can choose from the following types of cover: Unemployment & Accident and Sickness; Unemployment only or Accident and Sickness only.

  • What is the maximum amount of cover I can have?

    The policy maximum is £2,000 and you must not exceed 65% of your normal monthly income.

  • How long does the application process take?

    It’s easy to apply online, simply ensure you are eligible to apply for cover and make sure the policy meets your needs and demands. Once we receive your submitted application it will be processed the next working day. If accepted by the insurer your documents are then posted to you the same day.

  • What am I NOT covered for under a Short Term Income Insurance policy?

    There are some things that you are not covered for. These are generally anything you already knew about when applying for the policy or anything that is caused by deliberate or illegal acts on your part. If you select a level of cover that includes Involuntary Unemployment / Redundancy cover you need to be aware that all such policies have something called an Initial Exclusion Period (IEP), which means that you are not able to claim for Involuntary Unemployment, if it occurs within the IEP period (120 days from the policy start date in the case of this policy) or even if you are made aware of the possibility of Redundancy within that time. Full details can be found in the policy wording. We urge you to read through this document to ensure the policy is suitable for you.

  • How long does this Short Term Income Protection Insurance policy run for?

    The policy is reviewed on an annual basis, however your premiums are paid monthly. Thirty (30) days before the policy has been in force for a year, and annually thereafter, we will write to you advising you of the premium for the next 12 months and of any changes to your cover.

  • Will my premium change each year?

    The premiums for future years will depend upon the forecasts of costs to the Insurer of settling claims and changes in taxation and inflation. The Insurer will not seek to recover, in future years, the costs of any claims already paid out. Changes to your premium will not depend on your individual circumstances but on the cost of overall claims.

    You should read the policy summary entitled: About Paymentcare Short Term Income Protection Insurance and the full policy wording is also available for you to download and read at your leisure. We offer our services on a non-advised basis, which means we will not make any recommendation to you about the suitability of the policies we offer. Please contact us by email or telephone if you have any questions or need an explanation on any aspect of the Short Term Income Protection Insurance policy we offer, we are here to help you.

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Eligibility Criteria


When you applied for this insurance we asked you to confirm that you were eligible for cover. You are eligible for cover provided that when it begins (the start date), you:

  • are 18 or over and under 64 years of age.
  • are permanently resident within the United Kingdom, and have been so for at least 6 months.
  • are working within the United Kingdom, for at least 16 hours a week, and have been doing so continuously for the previous 6 months.
  • are not absent from work due to illness or injury, other than due to a minor illness such as a cold or flu. (If you are off work with a minor illness then your disability cover, if you have selected it, will not commence until you return to work).
  • are not aware of any impending job losses to be imposed by your employer that are about to happen and are likely to affect you.
  • are not aware that you will have to give up work to become a carer.
  • are not aware, if you are self-employed, that you will have to cease trading in your self-employed business because you cannot find enough work to meet your day to day business and living expenses.

We will not provide any cover if you do not meet these eligibility requirements at the start of your policy.

Cover Transfer


Can I transfer cover from another Short Term Income Protection Insurance provider?

Yes it's easy to transfer cover, provided you are eligible for the policy and can meet a few simple conditions.

Great news...we also waive the initial exclusion period (this is the period of time where you cannot claim for involuntary unemployment) which applies at the start of a policy, provided that you meet these conditions:

  • There is no break in cover, between your existing policy and your new policy with us.
  • Your existing policy has been in force for at least six months.
  • The benefit of your new policy is the same as on your existing policy. You can increase the amount, but the initial exclusion period will apply to the increased amount you request.
  • The cover is on a like for like basis (the same level of cover).
  • You must be claim free under your existing policy.
  • Any pre-existing medical conditions that are excluded under your existing policy will also be excluded under your new policy.
  • We request that you send a copy of your existing certificate of insurance. THIS WILL BE REQUIRED IN THE EVENT OF ANY FUTURE CLAIM ON YOUR NEW POLICY.

Do NOT cancel your existing policy until you have received your new policy documents confirming cover with ourselves. Then you should inform your existing insurer.

Short Term Income FAQs

What is Short Term Income Protection Insurance?

Paymentcare Short Term Protector is designed to ensure that your normal monthly commitments are taken care of each month in the event that you are off work as a result of an Accident, Sickness or involuntary Unemployment / involuntary redundancy.

Why would I need Short Term Income Protection Insurance?Why would I need Short Term Income Protection Insurance?

If you were off work through a serious accident or for a period of sickness how would you maintain your monthly commitments? What if it was announced that you were to be made unemployed as a result of involuntary redundancy? Would you have enough savings to cover your loss of income?

Can I transfer an existing Short Term Protection policy to Paymentcare?

If you have an existing policy with another provider, you can apply to transfer your cover to this policy if you feel the policy we offer meets your demands and needs and you meet the eligibility requirements. You MUST be a homeowner to apply.

What is the difference between Short term Income Protection and Mortgage Protection?

Mortgage Payment Protection is considered a lower risk as it is linked to an existing mortgage debt. The mortgage provider would have undertaken extensive credit checks before approving your mortgage. The Mortgage Payment Protection Insurer has the advantage of knowing that extensive credit checks have been undertaken, which isn't the case with Short Term Income Protection Insurance.

How do I pay for my Short Term Income Protection Policy?

Your premiums are collected monthly by Direct Debit. You choose a day that the premiums are to be collected monthly from your account.

What does Short Term Income Protection Insurance cover?

Short Term Income Protection Insurance is an insurance policy that protects a portion of your monthly salary in the event of an accident, sickness or involuntary unemployment such as redundancy. The policy will have a maximum benefit limit and also cannot exceed 65% of your gross monthly income. You can select cover from a few options: Accident, Sickness & Unemployment (ASU) cover, or Unemployment only (U only) or Accident and Sickness Only (AS Only) cover.

How long will the Short Term Income Protection policy pay out for if I make a claim?

The maximum number of monthly benefit payments for our Short Term Income Protection policy is 12 monthly payments in any one claim period. You are able to submit more eligible claims once you have returned to work for the re-qualification period of 90 days.

I'm self-employed can I apply for Short Term Income Protection Insurance?

Yes as long as you meet the eligibility criteria. Just like employed people you will need to provide a copy of a sick note if you are making a claim on the Accident and Sickness element of cover. There are limited circumstances in which a self employed person could make a valid claim from involuntary unemployment- YOU MUST CHECK THE POLICY WORDING CAREFULLY, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE THE POLICY MEETS YOUR DEMANDS & NEEDS - WE DO NOT PROVIDE ANY ADVICE AS TO THE SUITABILITY OF ANY OF THE POLICIES WE OFFER.

I am a contract worker, can I apply for Short Term Income Protection?

You may be eligible to apply for Short Term Income Protection Insurance; however, there are specific terms that apply for claiming unemployment benefits under the policy. We detail them here for ease of reference but you should read the full policy wording.
Contract Employment:
a) if You have been Employed on a renewable Fixed Term Contract of at least 13 consecutive weeks with the same employer for more than 2 consecutive years or on an annual contract which has been renewed then You will be insured if You are made Unemployed.
b) if You have been Employed on a renewable Fixed Term Contract of at least 13 consecutive weeks with the same employer but for less than 2 years then You will be insured if You are made Unemployed during the term of Your contract. You will not be insured against the non-renewal of Your contract and any entitlement to Monthly Benefit under this Policy will automatically cease on the date Your contract was originally intended to terminate.

There's a possibility that I may be made redundant within a few months of applying for a policy. Can I still apply?

You will not be able to claim for any period of unemployment for which you were aware of at the start date of this policy or which occurs within the initial exclusion period.
The following rules apply:
You are made aware by any means, before the start date or within the Initial Exclusion Period, of anything that might lead to your unemployment, not withstanding that no specific reference has been made to your personal situation and that your unemployment may not take place until after the Initial Exclusion Period.
Further details can be found in the POLICY WORDING.

I already have a medical condition; can I claim for this?

This would be classed as a pre-existing medical condition and therefore you would not be able to claim for it if you have received treatment for the condition during the 12 months immediately prior to the start date of your policy. This exclusion is waived if you have been symptom and treatment free and have not had cause for medical consultation for the condition for a period of no less than 24 months before the start date of any claim.

Can I claim for back related injuries or conditions?

Yes as long as there is radiological evidence of medical abnormality, visible wound, contusion, or a consultant certifies that the condition solely prevents you from working.

Can I claim for stress, anxiety, depression or any mental or nervous disorders?

Yes as long as a consultant certifies that the condition solely prevents you from working.

How will my claim be paid?

All valid claims are paid directly into the bank account that we collect your Direct Debit from.

What evidence will I be asked to provide in the event of a claim?

For Accident and Sickness claims: In addition to completing a claim form you will need to be signed as unfit for work by a doctor and provide regular evidence to that effect.
For Unemployment claims: In addition to completing a claim form you will be asked to provide proof of your income such as bank statements and/or accounts and/or tax returns together with P60's and regular evidence that you are actively seeking employment, such as: Evidence of your search for new employment (e.g. letters or emails) from, or to, prospective employers. These must relate to the most recent period of your claim.
When your claim at the Jobcentre Plus comes to an end, you will be asked to supply a copy of the P45 that is issued to you at that time. You will also need to supply a copy of the letter that will be issued to you by the Jobcentre Plus confirming the end of your benefit claim.

How do I cancel my Short Term Income Protection policy?

You can cancel your policy at any time by writing to us. If you cancel within the first 30 days of the start date we will refund any premium you may have paid. No refund of premium is paid after this period.