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Short Term Income


  • I claimed for 8 months for unemployment and it was a life saver, when you are going through an already stressful time it was good to have. Mr C from Northamptonshire

  • Claimed on unemployment, no problems with the claim, got offered temporary work, I was told I could freeze the claim if I took it. Mr C Leeds

  • Income Protection helped when I needed it whilst finding employment, which was 3 months. Mr H of Stockton on Tees

  • Really helped with the bills for the 3 months I needed it whilst I found another job, would highly recommend Income Protection to anyone. Mr M of Aberdeenshire

  • It was really helpful whilst I needed it and helped pay the bills for 12 months. Mr S of Merton Devon

  • 100% peace of mind having a policy in place, no catches, it was all straight forward when I needed to claim. Mr E from Nottingham

  • This Income Protection policy was a life line, we couldn't have managed without it. I would highly recommend it to anyone. Mrs M from Staffordshire

  • The policy saved our lives, the services was brilliant, we could have lost our home without it. Mrs F from Surrey

  • Income Protection from Paymentcare; obsoletely brilliant.  The policy paid out for a full 12 months.  I have recommended it to friends. Mr S from Northamptonshire

  • Very happy to have had Income protection in place with Paymentcare.  Without it, it would have been very difficult, it paid the bills and when you’re ill, bills are the last thing you need to be worried about. Mr W from Lincolnshire

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