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Short Term Income Protection Insurance

Protect your Income and Lifestyle
Monthly benefits of up to £2,000
Unemployment Exclusions waived* when you Switch
Benefits paid even if you're being paid Sick Pay/SSP
Great value


Income Protection for Property Owners

Up to £2000 of monthly benefit
Your monthly benefit paid if you can't work
Unemployment Exclusions waived* when you Switch
Great value & Customer feedback

*Terms & Conditions apply

Want to switch your existing Policy to us?

It's FREE & EASY to switch an existing policy to Paymentcare with NO PENALTIES.

Guaranteed Peace of Mind & no break in your cover.

  • Can I transfer cover from another Mortgage (MPPI) / Loan / Short Term Income Protection Insurance provider?

    Yes it's easy to transfer cover, provided you are eligible for the policy and can meet a few simple conditions.

    Great news...we also waive the initial exclusion period (this is the period of time where you cannot claim for involuntary unemployment) which applies at the start of a policy, provided that you meet these conditions:

    • There is no break in cover, between your existing policy and your new policy with us.
    • Your existing policy has been in force for at least six months.
    • The benefit of your new policy is the same as on your existing policy. You can increase the amount, but the initial exclusion period will apply to the increased amount you request.
    • The cover is on a like for like basis (the same level of cover).
    • You must be claim free under your existing policy.
    • Any pre-existing medical conditions that are excluded under your existing policy will also be excluded under your new policy.
    • We request that you send a copy of your existing certificate of insurance. THIS WILL BE REQUIRED IN THE EVENT OF ANY FUTURE CLAIM ON YOUR NEW POLICY.

    Do NOT cancel your existing policy until you have received your new policy documents confirming cover with ourselves. Then you should inform your existing insurer.

  • Can I transfer cover from another Credit Card Protection Insurance provider?

    We are not aware of any other stand alone credit card protection insurance provider! If you meet the eligibility criteria and you deem that the policy meets your demands and needs and you would like to apply for cover, instead of paying over the odds to your credit card company, then of course you may submit an application.