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- Online PPI applications outnumbering postal by more than 20 to one
- Quickest, safest and most stress-free way to protect and save

ONLINE sales of payment protection insurance (PPI) are outstripping postal and telephone applications by 20 – 1, according to leading online provider

The revolution in Internet-driven sales of financial products has made it possible to secure payment protection insurance in a fraction of the time it used to take. And as well as savings of thousands of pounds into the bargain, online applications safeguard consumers against damaging their credit rating, said managing director Shane Craig.

Many providers insist on carrying out credit checks on customers before disclosing the terms of their PPI policies. If the consumer then decides against the policy they have still accrued a potentially damaging “penalty point” on their credit footprint.

“By applying online consumers can sidestep this unfair practice,” said Craig. “The full terms of our policies are available for all to read and digest at leisure. There’s no pressure, nothing to hide and no need to incur an unnecessary credit rating check.”

The safety and speed of the Internet is also a big draw for consumers.

“It’s a fact that the Royal Mail failed to deliver around 14 million items of post last year,” added Craig. “Consumers cannot live with that degree of uncertainty. But there’s no need to rely on such outdated methods of communication anymore, especially when the most competitive prices can be found online.”

The savings to be made are substantial – last year customers reported that they had saved, on average, over £3,300 by taking PPI from rather than their lender. And with cover in place within 24 hours, online customers gain the added bonus of immediate peace of mind.